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Agricultural / Industrial

Power Your Farm & Business With Propane

Salem Propane can customize the perfect fueling plan to power your farm or business with Propane.

Farms and other businesses have many uses for propane. From fork lift cylinder refilling and transport load delivery to powering generators and grain drying, we tailor the best propane service and propane pricing to meet your agricultural or industrial business needs.

There are no pricing games or hidden charges. We let you know pricing up front so that you are able to budget your propane expenses.

We will work with you to lower your costs

In addition to offering you the best possible pricing and great customer service, Salem Propane will work with you to lower propane costs

Reliable, dependable delivery -We are always there for you!

Are you tired of waiting for corporate propane suppliers to deliver your propane when it is convenient for them. You give us a time that fits your schedule, and we will do our very best to deliver when it is convenient for you.

No propane tank is too large for us to fill

We can provide transport delivery and we offer both lease and purchase options for your convenience.

With each and every propane service that we provide, meeting your needs and providing you with exceptional propane service is our top priority.

Salem Propane also offers residential propane and on-site propane refilling services.

If you are in need of an agricultural or industrial propane service that you can depend on in the Northeast Ohio or Western Pennsylvania areas, contact Salem Propane for more information.