Salem Propane

Salem Propane




Salem Propane Proudly Offers The Following Propane Services

  • Residential Propane Service– We will deliver propane to your home for cooking, fireplaces, appliances, home heating, or whatever your residential propane need may be.
  • Agricultural Propane Service – From heating out buildings, warehouses, and barns, to operating a generator or grain dry, we supply propane for all of your agricultural needs.
  • Walk-Ins – Stop by to use our on site bottle filling dispenser unit to fill propane tanks for gas grills and fill your RV propane tanks.

Coming Soon: Salem Propane is in the process of offering bulk plant installations and disassembly, vapor recovery services, propane vapor installations, cylinder dispenser installations and or the disassembly or removal related to any of these services. Please call us with questions and requests.

Salem Propane offers both lease and purchase options for and free no hassle propane tank installation process for new customers on all residential and agricultural/industrial propane services.

In addition, we have 24/7 Emergency Propane Service, assuring you of a quick local response time that will ease your concerns about running out of propane and servicing your propane tanks in emergency situations.

For any questions that you may have about propane service in the Columbiana County Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, or surrounding areas, contact us today.